Art In Business

Apply art thinking in business and gain a new perspective!

You are either leading a big business or other organisation, working hard with a smaller one or maybe creating your very own one person business. You are a business leader or an aspiring business leader.

You may be all over the place or completely stuck, overwhelmed by step-by-step instructions and other people's blueprints that don't fit your situation at all. Perhaps you are confused with how to communicate your value. Or maybe you are just looking for a little freshening up or slowing down.

It doesn't really matter what brought you here. What matters is you are ready for a new perspective in business.

Art In Business program combines business consulting, coaching and mentoring with art thinking and practices. It's a bit like art therapy, but for business.

Watercolour illustration of three brushes (pink handle, green handle and blue handle) in a glass jar with dark border lining by Mervi Emilia Eskelinen

In business the only thing certain is uncertainty. Art thrives in uncertain, and artists use intuition to get through obstacles and adjust their work. In Art In Business program you will learn to apply art thinking in business.

Benefits of applying art thinking in business include ability to communicate more efficiently, think critically, generate new ideas and see through norms and boundaries. It helps you to learn by doing and find new perspectives. Art inspires creativity, and improves resiliency and well-being.

You don't need to be a skilled or even an aspiring artist to benefit from Art In Business program. This program is tailored for your needs, whether your art skills are limited to stick-figures or you are a skilled artist.

I'm an artist, your tiny mentor, sparring partner and business sorcerer, helping you to increase your creativity. I've been self-employed, involved in a couple of startups, had my share of failures and burnouts and successes, made bigger and smaller changes to my business, and worked with other business leaders for over 10 years.

Black filled illustration of a silly snail looking up left by Mervi Emilia Eskelinen


In this introduction to Art In Business you will get started with applying art thinking in business. The introduction program consists of one introductory 60 minute call/video workshop.

Your investment: 150 €

VAT is added to the prices where applicable.

Booking now for May 2023.

Black filled illustration of a silly snail looking down right by Mervi Emilia Eskelinen

Art In Business

Apply art thinking in business with the full Art In Business program. The full program consists of four 60 minute calls/video workshops, self-learning materials and two months of accountability + progress emails.

Your investment: 2500 €

VAT is added to the prices where applicable.

Booking now for May 2023.

Black filled illustration of two silly snails holding a stamper (with snail on it) by Mervi Emilia Eskelinen

Art For Teams

Art isn't always a one person craft. Your team can benefit from art thinking too. Art thinking helps your team to work together and communicate better. I'd love to discuss more about your team!


Add art thinking in business.

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