Surround yourself with art and design

Make art a habit and practise your creativity to see things in new ways and solve problems.

Beautiful art, sweet illustrations and impactful graphic design can give you a new perspective, inspire your creativity and improve resiliency and well-being. Plus make everything look so darn good!

You don't need to be a skilled or even an aspiring artist to reap the benefits of art. Creativity is a skill that can be practised and learned by anyone and art is everywhere for you to enjoy.

I offer business leaders and aspiring business leaders Art In Business coaching, consulting and mentoring program, and illustration and graphic design services. And if you want to add more art in your life in general, I can help you with that too.

Black and white illustration of a deer head, with has heart shaped antlers from which grows small branches with leaves by Mervi Emilia Eskelinen
Deer Stars by Mervi Emilia EskelinenIllustration of stars which pulse and blink (behind the deer head).

Art In Business

Kinda like art therapy, but for business. Apply art thinking in business to see it from a whole new perspective. A coaching and mentoring program for business leaders and aspiring business leaders.

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Sweet illustrations for your business, brand, blog and other commercial use.

Unconventional branding, logos, ads and other marketing materials for your unconventional business.

Beautiful art to decorate your home, add to your collection, or to give as personal gifts.

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I've been designing stuff since late '90s and have a degree of Bachelor of Culture and Arts in web communications and design. I'd love to make something different and special for you. Let's talk!

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