Business can be easy, fun and free of exhausting hustle. Let me help you make the most of your skills and knowledge!

You are a business owner, blogger, craft maker, designer, artist, influencer or coach who wants to make a living doing something that feels meaningful for you. You are just starting out or you already have a business you want to succeed. You invest your time, money and effort to your business, and don't expect one-size-fits-all kind of solutions.

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What you get?

This coaching and consulting is designed to help you to untangle everything about craft and creativity. I will ask you questions and give you tips on planning a business with ease, creating products and services people will love, finding confidence in business and more. Anything YOU and your craft need.

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Coaching overview

This is the backbone of the coaching and consulting. What you get will be tailored for your needs from these base elements.

Clarity Questionnaire

Before we even get started, you will get my deep diving Clarity Questionnaire. The questionnaire is full of important questions about your goals, business and career background and future, customers and competition, and values. It is designed for you to find clarity, and me to get to know you and your business and creativity needs. After you have answered the questionnaire, we can get started with the actual work.

In-depth conversations

You ask me questions, and I ask you questions. I will be your sparring partner and coach, your sounding board, your accountability partner, your cheerleader and your honest critic. Whichever is needed. You can bounce your ideas on me, get feedback and ask for guidance. What you say stays between us. You can trust me, as many others have already trusted me with their business needs.

Tailored strategy and plan

In the end of your creative coaching, you have your own strategy for clarifying and growing your creativity, and including it in your business and career. We will put this strategy together, deciding on deadlines and timelines, important steps, required tools and whatnot. Your strategy will be completely tailored for your needs, so there's no readymade template.

Hello, I'm Mervi.

Mervi Eskelinen - Artist, Nerd, Slow Business Sorcerer

I'm an illustrator, total nerd, sorcerer, expert at marketing, doodler, designer, developer, consultant and coach.

I've been self-employed, involved in a couple of startups, had my share of failures and burnouts and successes, built my business, and worked closely with other business owners for over 10 years. Throughout those years I have learned how working with something that doesn't mean anything to you is pointless and leads to failing. In order to thrive, your craft needs to feel meaningful for you.

I'm dedicated to help you to succeed, while having time to dream and enjoy all the aspects of life.


30-day Surge

30-days of support, guidance and help with building and including creativity in your business and career. Emails and instant messaging. Great for starting out.

Your one-time investment: 600 €

12-week Surge

12-weeks of support, guidance and help with building and including creativity in your business and career. Emails, instant messaging and 2 optional calls/video calls. Best for you, if you are serious about your business and career.

Your one-time investment: 1500 €

Free bonuses

Start working with me today, and you will get these valuable bonuses completely free!

Free Bonus #1: Creative Business Planning + Business Plan Template

You need a business plan to be able to get your finances in order, prioritise, put your marketing together, control your craft, find investors, and get business loans. Crafting your creative business plan alone may be overwhelming, no matter how many courses you take and how much you read about the process. I'm happy to offer you Creative Business Planning and a ready made business plan template. I will personally help you to create your very own business plan.

Free Bonus #2: Creative Business Strategy

Build and grow your creative business. This workbook helps you to find your creative strengths and values, build a profitable creative brand and business, and market your creativity to gain clients who appreciate you.

Free Bonus #3: Printable Social Media Planners

Plan and track your Pinterest, YouTube videos, Instagram, Facebook posts, Twitter, blog posts and mass emails like a social media influencer with these attractive printable planners. The planners help you to reach your content marketing goals and untangle your social media.

I'm ready to work with you. Are you ready to work with me?

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How it works

  1. Fill and send the form below
  2. We decide if we can work together and agree on your Creative Surge package
  3. I invoice you
  4. I will send you my Clarity Questionnaire
  5. The actual Creative Surge begins after I have confirmed your payment
  6. Coaching and consulting is done mainly via email, with optional Google Hangouts/Whatsapp video calls/FaceTime meetings (see packages)
  7. Together we work on the problems, questions, weaknesses and strengths of your creativity
  8. You receive strategies and specific, actionable tips

Creative Surge is fully tailored for you, when you are serious about building and including creativity in your business and career.

Let's work together!

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"Mervi is deft, fast and insightful. They are both technically skilled and creative, as a designer and marketer. Remarkable amount of know-how in one package - I recommend."

"I enjoyed working with Mervi on a logo and cover photo for my new business, Augment Intelligence. The back and forth creative process was much appreciated and I was very pleased with the work. Mervi is a talented designer and my project was managed efficiently, with excellent results."

"Mervi is fast, initiative and sharp. They get a modern take on what they do by following time. Working with Mervi is easy and straightforward."

"Mervi has been consulting me comprehensively on web for several years. I can always trust their expertise in technical details, usability and design. Additionally I appreciate Mervi's fast response, wonderful attitude and ability to suggest better ways to do things. I recommend Mervi warmly."