The Brand Lab is a four week program for creatives who are ready to make an impact.

You have a brand. Even if you don't actively brand yourself, others do it constantly. Don't let other people to dictate your success, what feels meaningful for you and what you stand for. The Brand Lab helps you to take control of your magnetic brand and make it look and feel like you.

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Do you want to make a difference? The Brand Lab helps you to:

  • Understand branding
  • Establish your personal brand
  • Build your authority and expert status
  • Know your audience
  • Set your values
  • Craft a mission statement and brand manifesto
  • Build trust
  • Have a strong presence
  • Influence people effectively

What will you get?

This program is designed to help you develop and establish your brand. The concentration is especially in personal branding. The course is divided to 4 modules, delivered in multiple formats. One payment gives you lifetime access to the course and free updates. Take control of your brand at your own pace!

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The Curriculum

The curriculum will be published at a later time. Please make sure the content fits your needs.

Establish a magnetic brand that looks and feels like you.


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The course goes live in 2020.