shared spaces

Weekly series of curated content about marketing, branding, business and social media.

This week Shared Spaces checks into the current state of marketing. I've collected a list of links about overused marketing buzzwords on LinkedIn profiles, improving your e-commerce store with a... Keep reading →

Feb 07, 2017

Another week, another Shared Spaces. This time we go neck deep into the world of working. These articles include statistics about how by working less you are more likely to earn more, why you should... Keep reading →

Feb 01, 2017

This week the recently relaunched Shared Spaces series digs into how to attract ideal clients, define buyer profiles and make sure you are working with the right customers. All links open in the same... Keep reading →

Jan 24, 2017

Now, look at that! Shared Spaces is back, after a few months of hiatus. And from now on, on Tuesdays (at least that's the plan). In case you are curious where Spaces went for all that time, do read... Keep reading →

Jan 17, 2017

After a skipped week of Shared Spaces, and skipping another, I feel like I must tell why. The thing about the series has been that I've collected (usually) five links around one subject, and one of... Keep reading →

Sep 14, 2016

This week Shared Spaces looks into the current hot thing, virtual reality. VR is not a new thing. I have been a more or less avid user of an oldie version of VR, Second Life, for the past 7 years or... Keep reading →

Sep 01, 2016