Marketing is way more than advertising and selling. It's the whole process from the idea of a product or a service to the customer service.

Tips, tools and best practices for marketing your indie business, blog and your own skills.

You have set up an email list with that service everyone said would be great for you. You created perfect opt-in gifts. You built great looking forms, and alluring landing pages. You wrote a blog... Keep reading →

Nov 21, 2017

Have you ever tried to follow step-by-step instructions to notice that the steps didn't produce the results you were promised? And when you ask about it, you were told that you just didn't want it... Keep reading →

Oct 07, 2017

What if the problem isn't the one you think it is? These past days Twitter has been boiling. Twitter announced that they are testing double length, 280 character long Tweets. In their own words, it... Keep reading →

Sep 30, 2017

Email lists are the hottest hot in marketing these days. At least they are amongst online entrepreneurs, bloggers, coaches and such. It seems like a must to build an email list, in order to find... Keep reading →

Sep 16, 2017

I'm starting a podcast. Yes, you read correctly. The writer girl is going to start talking. And yes, it's a work in progress. First of all, I'd like to have a good start. Make a solid first episode... Keep reading →

Jul 30, 2017

Too often I see websites created just because. Just because everyone else has one. Just because someone said it's good for marketing. Just because. Those websites generally fail to generate traffic... Keep reading →

Jun 28, 2017