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Anyone who has ever been running a service based business or freelancing knows the pain of pricing. Price, known as one of the four P's in the traditional marketing mix, plays such a huge part in... Keep reading →

Feb 23, 2017

Now, look at that! Shared Spaces is back, after a few months of hiatus. And from now on, on Tuesdays (at least that's the plan). In case you are curious where Spaces went for all that time, do read... Keep reading →

Jan 17, 2017

Success! More than anything, that's what you desire. You measure your value as a person, the value of your business and the value of your choices in the terms of success. Sometimes it's about money,... Keep reading →

Aug 20, 2016

Most of those articles and tips you read about working from home don't ask the most important question: What works the best for you when you are working from home? Reading all the articles online,... Keep reading →

May 13, 2016

There are two very basic reasons why I use double opt-in. And why you should too. One is to protect the other people and the other one is to protect yourself. If you wish to join my email list you... Keep reading →

Apr 02, 2016

I have noticed lots of people have to my blog searching for "my instagram is posting spam". They have been ending up to my post about getting rid of spam on Instagram. It's a collection of tips on... Keep reading →

Mar 29, 2016