You have set up an email list with that service everyone said would be great for you. You created perfect opt-in gifts. You built great looking forms, and alluring landing pages. You wrote a blog... Keep reading →

Nov 21, 2017

Have you ever tried to follow step-by-step instructions to notice that the steps didn't produce the results you were promised? And when you ask about it, you were told that you just didn't want it... Keep reading →

Oct 07, 2017

Email lists are the hottest hot in marketing these days. At least they are amongst online entrepreneurs, bloggers, coaches and such. It seems like a must to build an email list, in order to find... Keep reading →

Sep 16, 2017

Planning to have a run? It's raining, best to wait for a better weather. And then it's sunny, but too warm. Best to wait for a cooler weather. Then it's too cold and windy. Best to wait. Really, it's... Keep reading →

Jun 19, 2017

Sometime in early 2016 I found Teachable. I had been looking into online course creation, and learned this particular platform was quite popular. Teachable is a platform for creating and hosting e-... Keep reading →

Jun 11, 2017

Your brand has a logo, a beautiful colour palette, fonts, photos, tagline, social media images, and then some. It is honed to perfection, all pieces in the place. Yet still, it's not quite standing... Keep reading →

May 13, 2017