Creative Business Strategy Workbook

Planning and strategising your creative business doesn't have to be overwhelming. This little workbook helps you to find clarity and plan your business in an uncomplicated, fun and creative way.

Your creative strengths, passions and reasons, and things like finances and marketing may seem like two separate things. Bringing these two sides together is surprisingly easy, when you do it strategically. They complement and build from each other.

Set yourself and your creative business up to fly high. Even the sky is not the limit!

A business plan is an important strategic guideline of your creative business. It describes the future of your business, but also what's going on with it right now. It helps with tracking such things as your goals and finances. Additionally, with a business plan you can figure out if your business or business skills are missing something.

This workbook aims to help you plan your creative business without all the difficult business jargon. Creative Business Strategy Workbook helps you to find your creative strengths and values, build a profitable creative brand and business on those strengths, and market your creativity to gain clients who appreciate you.

Creative Business Strategy is designed for

  • Creative entrepreneurs
  • Life and business coaches
  • Craft business owners
  • Small business owners
  • Bloggers and influencers
  • Etsy sellers
  • Artists and designers

You can use this workbook as a base for your formal business plan, or even use it as your own business plan.

I recommend to really dig deep around every question and prompts, the feelings the questions evoke in you, and the truth behind your marketing slogans. There's a good chance you'll end up surprising yourself. Hopefully this workbook will provoke you, and shake you out of your old ways.

What's inside this 23-page PDF

Creative Business Strategy Workbook is full of deep diving questions and prompts to help you...

  • Plan your business
  • Explain clearly what your business does
  • Define your business goals
  • Find your strengths and motivations
  • Dive into why you do what you do
  • Dig deep into your marketing and branding
  • Describe the people you admire and the people who admire you
  • Specify your target group and competition
  • Plan your products and services
  • Clarify the problems your business solves for your customers
  • List the resources you need to run your business
  • Get your finances in order
  • Evaluate risks and analyse opportunities

The workbook also includes:

  • Business checklist
  • Creative notes
  • Business owner's slowing down cheatsheet
  • Get it done, tips to stop planning and start doing
  • Space for your own notes and to do lists

The workbook can be filled with your computer, or you can print it out and fill by hand. Which ever works better for you. Includes both A4 and US Letter sized versions for printing.

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