Build and amplify your online content, presence and visibility with this consulting and coaching package. Designed for creative businesses and entrepreneurs, this consulting and coaching helps you to concentrate on your content, grow awareness and spread the word of your offerings and ideas.

Social Boost Email Coaching with Mervi Eskelinen Whether you are an experienced content marketer or just starting, the coaching and consulting package is tailored for your unique needs and goals.

In case you are new to websites, social media or content marketing, I will guide you through the full set up. If you are already active with content marketing, I'll consult on strategies to get your content to the next level.

Content in concentration

In this (online) world of clickbaiting and fake news, quality and authentic content have more and more value. The best way for you to stand out is to be reliable and real. Transparency, vulnerability and sincerity give you an edge in the saturated markets.

Content is still the king and the queen.

If you wish to build an expert status and spread the word and awareness of your ideas, services, art, knowledge, crafts, courses and other products, you do it by crafting impactful content that converts.

The content can take many shapes and forms. Social media content is often shorter and more in the moment. It creates initial awareness. Long form content, such as researched articles and blog posts deepen the information and expertise status. Photos, videos, podcasts amplify trust. Emails, support and direct messaging make it personal.

My background in communications, plus wide and deep know-how in websites, social media and marketing, has turned me into a pro in boosting your content and content marketing and communicating your value online.

What you get

  • Initial coaching questionnaire
  • Content Boost workbook
  • Unique Content Boost framework and methodology
  • Tailored guidance through communicating your value online
  • Tailored social media communications strategy
  • Flexibility and going on with your own pace
  • Unlimited emails for 30 days
  • Limited email support (up to 2 responses/week) for next 30 days


Email me at if you want to hear when Content Boost is available.