Private Consulting

You are a small business owner, blogger, infopreneur, craft maker, designer, artist, influencer, coach, freelancer, or knitter who wants to stand out from the online crowd. You are starting out or you already have a marketable online presence which requires some work. You invest your time, money and effort to your business, and don't expect one-size-fits-all kind of solutions.

Private Consulting with Mervi Eskelinen

Websites, email lists and social media can feel frustrating, and it's easy to get tangled with technical details. I offer you website and social media consulting, with formal education and 20 years of experience in web design, branding and online marketing.

The consulting is designed to help you to untangle everything about your website, email lists and social media. I will give you hands on help and tips on fixing issues on your site or social media, for improving content and SEO, learning new (technical) tricks, and more.

The consulting is fully tailored for your needs, and the rates range from 500€ (USD) to 5000€ (USD).

How it works

  1. Email me at with as detailed information of your consulting needs as possible, and we decide if we can work together
  2. We agree on how much consultation you need
  3. I invoice you for the downpayment, 40% of the full price
  4. The actual consultation begins after I have confirmed your downpayment
  5. The consultation is done mainly via email, but other contact methods can be agreed on
  6. Together we work on the problems, questions, weaknesses and strengths of your web presence
  7. You receive strategies and specific, actionable tips, and concrete help where needed

All the services are invoiced via email or e-invoice. The prices don't include stock images, domains or web-hosting. VAT 24% is added to the prices in EU area, unless your business has not been registered in Finland and has a valid VAT number. At the moment I invoice via Eezy OSK (business ID 2197002-2).