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You are a small business owner, blogger, infopreneur, craft maker, designer, artist, influencer, coach, freelancer, or knitter. Or everything at once, multitalented. You don't want to just make tons of money, while destroying the nature and yourself in the process. You want your work to have a purpose, to make a change, and to build a better future for everyone. And you want to have time to dream and enjoy all the aspects of life.

My coaching, website auditing, consulting and design services are fully tailored for your needs. Please email if you don't find something you need, or have any questions about my services or the pricing.

Are you ready to build a meaningful creative online business and presence?

Email Coaching

Are you struggling with building a business and work that feels meaningful for you? This flexible and affordable coaching helps you to find out your creative strengths, learn to price services and products, and market your creativity online. Great for you, if you are introverted, don't like talking on the phone, have a tight schedule, or have a limited budget. Unlimited emails, tailored for your needs.

Start with a FREE introductory coaching, with two responses from me (one free coaching per person). Email now to get started!

30 days: 199€ (USD)
60 days: 359€ (USD)

Website audit

Do you have a feeling your website could perform better than it does? My professional website audit is for thoroughly checking your website, and providing suggestions on how to improve it. I will audit your website's architecture and design, accessibility, SEO, speed and other performance and content. The audit takes about 2 weeks, and in the end of it you will receive a detailed document with the results and improvement suggestions. Start now by contacting

Website audit: 699€ (USD)

Custom Consulting

Websites, email lists and social media can feel confusing, and it's easy to get tangled with technical details. I offer you website and social media consulting, with formal education and 20 years of experience in web design, branding and online marketing. The consulting is designed to help you to untangle everything about your website, email lists and social media. I will give you tips on how to fix issues on your site or social media, for improving content and SEO, learning new (technical) tricks, and more. Consulting is fully tailored for your needs.

In order to get started today, email as detailed information of your consulting needs as possible.

Consulting: 500-5000€ (USD)

Logo Design

Do you want a fully custom logo that looks and feels like nothing else out there? I craft unique logos (and other commercial illustrations) based on your personality, style, brand and audience. Additionally, I consider the intended use of the logo. For example if it's meant to be printed on t-shirts or displayed in small size on a website. The logo can be either or both, hand drawn and mousemade, depending on your wishes and needs.

01 Please email to get started. I'll respond you with process details. If you choose to work with me, I will invoice you.
02 When your invoice has been marked as paid, I'll send you a questionnaire, and possible further questions.
03 Based on your wishes and needs, I'll create the first draft, possible colour palette and typography suggestion.
04 You will have a week to email me your feedback, and during this time you have unlimited revisions for no additional cost.
05 When the final design has been approved, I will finish it. At this point additional requests come with an extra fee.
06 You will receive the logo/illustration in the following formats: JPG, SVG (vector graphics), PNG.

Logo/Illustration: 599€ (USD)

Premium Web Design

My web design services are now, after 20 years, premium and available for limited amount of clients at a time. If you are interested in working with me on your website, please email as detailed information as possible.

Web design (+ development): 2000-5000€ (USD)

All the services are invoiced via email or e-invoice. The prices don't include stock images, domains or web-hosting. VAT 24% is added to the prices in EU area, unless your business has not been registered in Finland and has a valid VAT number. At the moment I invoice via Eezy OSK (business ID 2197002-2).