01 Creative Boss Coaching

Creative Boss Email Coaching with Mervi Eskelinen

Are you ready to unleash your inner Creative Boss? This flexible coaching helps you to succeed with your creativity. Email coaching is especially great for creative business people, who are introverted, don't like or can't talk on phone or Skype, or have a tight schedule. You can email me and read my responses whenever it is suitable for you. No invasive calls, mompreneur friendly!

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02 Private Consulting

Private Consulting with Mervi Eskelinen

Websites, email lists and social media can feel frustrating, and it's easy to get tangled with technical details. I offer you website and social media consulting, with formal education and 20 years of experience in web design, branding and online marketing. The consulting is designed to help you to untangle everything about your website, email lists and social media. I will give you hands on help and tips on fixing issues on your site or social media, for improving content and SEO, learning new (technical) tricks, and more. Consulting is fully tailored for your needs.

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03 Branding & Illustrations

Branding and commercial illustrations by Mervi Eskelinen

Do you wish to stand out from the crowd? To do that, you need a custom branding that looks and feels like nothing else out there. I craft unique logos and other commercial illustrations, and full visual brands based on your personality, style and audience. With years of experience and my sparkling creativity, I create handmade and mousemade drawings, text-based logos, and beautifully crafted branding that will get you and your business the visibility you deserve.

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04 Premium Website

Premium Web Design and Website Development by Mervi Eskelinen

My web design services are now, after 20 years, premium and available for limited amount of clients at a time. I offer my web design and development services only for creative business owners and bloggers who are absolutely serious about their online presence. Yes, I choose my clients for these services. The websites I create are unique and distinguish your business from others. No cookiecutter websites!

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All the services are invoiced via email or e-invoice. The prices don't include stock images, domains or web-hosting. VAT 24% is added to the prices in EU area, unless your business has not been registered in Finland and has a valid VAT number. At the moment I invoice via Eezy OSK (business ID 2197002-2).