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Welcome to my lifetime access programs, monthly subscriptions and tailored consulting for creatives who want to do it their own way. Start with Slow Business Incubator to build the perfect foundation for your business. Take control of your marketing with Marketing Lab. And when you are ready for the next level, I will offer you completely tailored private VIP coaching.

My programs are...

  • Simple and easy to follow. I work around business jargon and explain all the complicated terminology.
  • Clear and free of fluff. I ask unicorns to wait outside and hold unnecessary glitter.
  • Based on experience. I've been employing myself and working with other business owners over a decade.
  • One-of-a-kind. My approach is something different and I don't try to fit you and your business in a preset format.
  • Unconventional and nonconforming. I won't give you one-size-fits-all sort of solutions.

Succeed your own way.

01 Slow Business Incubator

Slow Business Incubator - Nurture the creative business of your dreams with Mervi Eskelinen

Build the real business of your dreams. Slow Business Incubator is an eight week program for entrepreneurs who want to build a profitable businesses.

Slow Business Incubator offers you the means to nurture your own unconventional business. There are no one-size-fits-all formulas, silver bullets or guaranteed results, and success requires your own activity and lots of patience. This program can give you the clarity and tools you need to get your business in order, and support your lifestyle. It's divided to 6 modules, delivered as videos, audio, worksheets, checklists, quizzes and more. Additionally you gain access to special trainings develop your business skills.

With one payment you will have lifetime access to the program, support and included extras, plus free updates.

Learn at your own pace!

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02 Marketing Lab

Take control of your marketing. Marketing Lab is a course for business owners who are ready to make an impact.

Marketing Lab - Take control of your marketing with Mervi Eskelinen

Marketing Lab helps you to take control of your marketing and do it your own way. It helps you to build your authority and expert status, influence people effectively and build trust. This course can help you succeed in your own terms.

One payment gives you lifetime access to the course and free updates.

Easy marketing!

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03 Creative Boost

Creative Boost - VIP Consulting & Business Coaching with Mervi Eskelinen

Do you feel stuck or need creative uplift? Creative Boost helps you to get unstuck, find your creative strengths and make a living creatively.

I will be your sparring partner, guide and helping hand with nurturing your creativity and utilising it in your business and career. This coaching is aimed at people who want to hustle less and be more creative.

The Creative Boost will be fully tailored for your needs.

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