What I'm doing now

My name is Mervi Eskelinen. Besides being a night owl, sleeping late, eating and living a life as a human being, I spend lots of time in the following activities:

  • Daydreaming. Drawing, doodling, and painting. Writing poetry and fiction. Telling stories.
  • Always dealing with my depression and anxieties.
  • Watching television and movies with my partner in life.
  • Creating a new webcomic!
  • Adjusting my career. I'm now an illustrator.
  • Building a way to fund my art and illustrations. Become a patron, get rewards!
  • Creating new illustrations, workbooks, planners, ebooks, branding elements and other products.
  • Working with selected clients on their creative businesses and marketing.
  • Working with Superlaiffi, a new brand for active life.
  • Developing my personal brand and tweaking my website. A work that never ends.
  • Reading interesting, intriguing and entertaining articles and books. Disagreeing and agreeing with what I read. Sharing selected articles on Twitter and Facebook.
  • Now and then posting some stuff on Instagram.

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These are my priorities. If my activities or priorities change, I’ll update this page. Last updated in June 2021.

The idea for this page was proudly stolen from Derek Sivers. You can find this and other /now pages listed at nownownow.com. See my Now Now Now profile.