What I'm doing now

My name is Mervi Eskelinen. Besides being a night owl, sleeping late, eating and living a life as a human being, I spend lots of time in the following activities:

  • Daydreaming. Drawing, doodling, and painting. Writing poetry and fiction. Telling stories.
  • Watching television and movies with my spouse who is a television and movie buff.
  • Building a way to fund my art and creative business. I'm testing Patreon for this purpose. Become my patron!
  • Creating a poetry and art ebook.
  • Working with Superlaiffi, a new app for active life.
  • Working with my other creative clients on their marketing, websites and other parts of their online presences.
  • Always dealing with my depression and anxieties.
  • Developing my personal brand and tweaking my website. A work that never ends.
  • Reading interesting, intriguing and entertaining articles and books. Disagreeing and agreeing with what I read. Sharing selected articles on Twitter and Facebook.
  • Planning to do some videos on Youtube and starting a podcast. More info to follow!
  • Having a little break from Instagram.

These are my priorities. If my activities or priorities change, I’ll update this page. Last updated in April 2019.

The idea for this page was proudly stolen from Derek Sivers. You can find this and other /now pages listed at nownownow.com. See my Now Now Now profile.