What I'm doing now

My name is Mervi Eskelinen. Besides being a night owl, sleeping late, eating and living a life as a human being, I spend lots of time in the following activities:

  • Daydreaming.
  • Illustrating, drawing, doodling and painting. Become a patron, get art downloads!
  • Writing poetry and fiction. Telling stories.
  • Drawing a new webcomic!
  • Watching series and movies with my partner in life.
  • Creating new illustrations, workbooks, planners, ebooks, branding elements and other digital products.
  • Developing my personal brand and tweaking my website. A work that never ends.
  • Working with selected clients and partners on their creative businesses and marketing, including Kaverisovellus, a free app for finding friends.
  • Reading interesting, intriguing and entertaining articles and books. Disagreeing and agreeing with what I read. Sharing selected articles on Twitter.
  • Now and then posting some stuff on Instagram.

These are my priorities. If my activities or priorities change, Iā€™ll update this page. Last updated in April 2022.

The idea for this page was proudly stolen from Derek Sivers. You can find this and other /now pages listed at nownownow.com. See my Now Now Now profile.