Hello there! I'm happy to meet you.

How did you find me? I'm guessing someone told you to stop by, you know me otherwise online, or you stumbled upon my articles somewhere. Either way, it's great that you stopped by. Welcome to my corner of the Internet.

I'm working on making this website both my online hub, as well as a fun, interesting and useful resource for you in becoming an undeniable presence. Here's a quick tour around the site, so you can easier navigate around and find whatever you are looking for.

01 Do you want to know me better?

I'm an artist, geek girl, Internet Marketing Strategist, designer, web developer, consultant and business coach devoted to help you to be seen, heard and never overlooked. If you want to find out more about how I became who I am, check out my about page.

In short, I was born in Finland, in a place called Maaninka. Later I moved to Helsinki to work and study, and got my bachelor's degree in Digital Media. I have designed and developed websites for almost two decades, and know online inside out. I'm also a certified marketer. These days I mainly educate, consult and coach, but keep my hands dirty with code all the way. Find out more.

02 Looking for free articles and more?

You can read my thoughts on my blog.

Find out how to get noticed online, read about a pricing strategy to support your business and life and learn how to market when you don't like marketing.

Soon you'll be able to hear my voice on my new podcast.

03 Here's what you've gotta do

I have created a short and sweet audio training/guide/thing called How To Influence. It gives you a simple strategy to reaching the right people and making them crave for your knowledge and ideas.

How To Influence audio training -- Mervi Emilia You will learn what is influence, who you can reach with it, and how. All in practical and actionable three steps.

As you download the training, you will also be subscribed to my about weekly emails. In these emails I give you completely exclusive tips, tools and ideas, which are not published anywhere else. No spam!

04 You could spy on me...

I try to keep my /now page up to date about what I'm doing right now. Read about my hobbies, work, and other activities. What am I doing right now?

05 Would you like to work with me?

Maybe you are looking for someone who can explain you marketing in non-buzz-wordy terms. Or your website isn't quite working out and you'd like a seasoned professional to take a look. Perhaps you are stuck with your online business and need to throw ideas back and forth.

In any case, I'd be happy to give you a hand with your Internet marketing and business. Swing by my services for more information.

06 Don't just take my word for it

While I could try and convince you about my excellence, it's probably better if you hear it from those with whom I've worked. Some of them have given me lovely endorsement.

Find out what the others have to say about me and what I do.