Meaningful Manifesto

I am creative.

I am good. I am good at many things, even when I don't quite believe in myself. I want to believe in myself.

I know I have only this one life. I believe in living for today.

I understand I cannot control my emotions. I can only control my reactions.

I want to be gentle at my inner perfectionist, and I understand perfection is a fantasy and an illusion. I know mess is part of life.

I understand different people view and experience the world in very different, probably unique ways.

I believe people change. I understand unlearning is much more difficult than learning. I value being able to change your mind and being able to admit it.

I believe that capability of challenging your own thoughts, beliefs and things you have learned is important and courageous.

I want to make a change and build a better future for everyone. I don't want to just make tons of money, while destroying the nature and myself in the process.

I value honesty and empathy. I value kindness and positive feedback. I understand my skills in constructive criticism are lacking.

I believe productivity is overvalued, and people produce too much only for the sake of productivity. I want to have time and energy to dream and enjoy all the aspects of life.

I believe creativity is something you can practice and learn. I believe you can keep your creativity going by exercising it like a muscle.

I know I need to set boundaries. I believe in simplifying everything.

I have a business because cubicles have never worked for me and I prefer to be my own boss.

I believe in making a living by doing something meaningful. I don't believe in unlimited growth. I believe a business can make just enough to go on, and enough to keep its owners, employees and customers happy.

I have a limited amount of energy and time, and I don't want to waste it in meaningless and pointless things.

I understand I need breaks. I understand my business isn't going to collapse if I take a break and relax. If it does collapse, it wasn't worth it to begin with.

I believe that by doing things that feel meaningful for me I can reach others too.

I have multiple interests and skills, and I don't have to choose one specialty. I believe niches are for storing stuff, not people.

I like to do things in unconventional ways and come up with creative solutions to challenges and problems. I understand step-by-step guides don't apply to every situation and the same action steps may produce different results.

I believe money and fame are not synonymous to success. I believe success is making the most of your creativity and doing your best at any given moment.

I believe in you.