Frequently asked questions

The following lists answers to common questions I receive through email or other methods. Please, review the questions and answers carefully before contacting me.

Q: Which services do you offer?

A: I offer business coaching, training, and consulting. My coaching and consulting include online presences, marketing, email lists, social media, SEO, branding, business stuff, and more. Please, see services for more information.

Q: Can I pick your brain on [insert subject]?

A: Please refer to services for pricing on my consultations and coaching. Also you can become my patron at Patreon, which might make me more open about picking my brain.

Q: What will I get if I subscribe to your email list?

A: By subscribing to my email list you will receive exclusive emails, thoughts, tips and more around business, life, and communications. You will also receive a short and practical audio training on how to influence other people. Additionally there are other gifts and courses available for you now and then. Want all that? Just go to my subscription page, fill in your first name and email address, click the button that says "Get it", check your inbox and confirm your subsciption, and you are in. Simple as that!

Q: Is it possible for me to quest post on your blog?

A: Unfortunately I don't currently take quest posts on my blog. I appreciate your interest and hope you will keep reading my blog nevertheless.

Q: Can I advertise on your site?

A: I don't currently offer regular text or image ad space on my site. I may be interested in sponsored posts on my blog, if I find the content high quality and useful for my readers. The sponsored posts cost 500 €. If you are interested, please provide detailed information in your contact.

Q: I have this website/app/article, would you add it to your resources page?

A: Due to high demand, I offer listings on my resources page for a small fee or an affiliate payment. Please ask for more information if this sounds like a good idea for you. Do note, I don't generally accept links to articles or other similar sub-pages. In case you are interested on having a sponsored link on my resources page, please provide detailed information in your suggestion.

Q: Do you need a web designer or developer?

A: Nope. I am a web designer and developer, and have designed and developed this website myself. I generally don't respond to unsolicited offers to redesign my website. Out of being purely annoyed, I may also mark your email offering me web design or development services as spam.

Q: Do you want me to help you to be #1 in searches?

A: No, thank you. I know anyone who says they can guarantee #1 position in SERPs is either a fool or trying to fool me. I consider emails offering me such services scam attempts, and mark them as spam. Besides, I do SEO myself, so it's just weird for you to offer your services for me.