You are not special (and that's really good)


I have had struggles in my life. Struggles I'm willing to talk about publicly and those I'm not. I have had anxiety attacks or panic attacks or what ever you want to call them. I am scared of my own shadow. I'm jumpy, I'm weird and in times I recognise the symptoms of hypochondria (mom's a nurse, go figure). I have often thought I'm the only one with all these problems and no person will understand.

Do you know any of these feelings? Do you ever have a lonely party in your mind thinking you are the only one who has gone through some crazy shit or has to survive with awful feelings?

It has come to my attention that other people have went through similar problems than myself. Or similar problems than someone else I know. I'm not the only one with my stuff and they are not the only one with theirs. Often I see someone asking somewhere online does anyone else experience this and that thing. Sometimes I can relate and end up telling them how I thought I was the only one. Sometimes someone else does that same thing.

The reality is that you are never the only one. No matter what special case you think you are going through, it's not just you. You are not special. You are not weird, you are not alone. And it's good. It's so good.

There's a chance that people you meet (like actually meaty meet, have an eye contact, talk, shake hands, share a cup of coffee) never go through your kind of stuff. They have their own stuff to go through. They will never understand your things and for they are really your people they will still appreciate you. Those who don't appreciate don't deserve your attention or appreciation. Even if you never meet the people going through your stuff you can still assure yourself you aren't the only crazy or unlucky with this thing.

Now why is this good? Don't we all want to be special? Of course it's great to be special. Until being special isn't great any longer and it becomes a special torment for you. Then being special isn't that great. When you find out you are not alone and you are not some sort of a special case of bad karma you will be free.

Next time you feel especially lonely with your special needs and problems assure yourself with that one thought: "I'm not special." Try it, it's surprisingly good.

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