Whispering relaxation with ASMR


On a video young woman is outdoors, brushing her hair wearing rubber gloves. In time to time she whispers or talks in a low soothing voice to the camera, to the viewer of the video. She brushes her hair slowly or runs her rubber glove covered hands through the hair and makes sure the camera captures the voices. I'm hypnotized, relaxed and feeling this tingling starting from my scalp and running down my back and through my arms.

When my friend Nina first wrote about these ASMR videos (in Finnish) I thought it sounded nuts. For her these videos didn't work and because of my own skepticism I was sure it wouldn't do a thing for me. It did.

The video I watched is by a Finnish ASMR enthusiast going by the name Staryasmr. She has made bunch of these videos, including many of the common ASMR triggers: Whispering and other sounds, personal attention and concentration to a task to mention some.

YouTube is full of videos like this. A popular one is by Russian girl called Maria, who runs GentleWhispering channel and Gentle Whispering website.

The popularity of the videos has created lots talk. Besides my friend Nina, other's of those who don't get anything out of these videos have wrote baffled articles about the phenomenon. And similarly those of us who can are confused and intrigued.

ASMR, Autonomous sensory meridian response, is a thing that doesn't exist, if you ask any scientist. There's no proven data about it and the information about it is based only to the descriptions by many people around the world who have experienced it. And no-one seems to know why and how it happens.

It appears that not everyone has a tendency to ASMR and there's no one universal trigger to it. Some get their tingles and relaxation from being touched on the head, some from whispering and/or other soft sounds and some from different sort of role playing. I for one have been getting that tingling feeling since I was a kid from being gently touched by fingertips or with a soft brush (soft watercolour brushes work great) on my back, neck or arms. Tickling isn't nice, it feels only bad.

If you have never experienced this you may think it's a sexual thing. Sorry, no. It's personal and intimate, which is why writing about it publicly with my own face and name makes me somewhat nervous. Some call the phenomenon brain orgasms. It's actually a whole different feeling than with sex, but I can understand how one can be mistaken. It's rather meditative and relaxing, even hypnotic.

Do these videos, any or all of them, create a relaxing, tingling feeling to you? Do you get it from something else? Or are you amongst those who doesn't get anything out of it? Please tell!

Photo by Le Ilya under Creative Commons license.

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