Waiting for the better weather

Planning to have a run? It's raining, best to wait for a better weather. And then it's sunny, but too warm. Best to wait for a cooler weather. Then it's too cold and windy. Best to wait.

Really, it's not about the weather as much it's about you not wanting to go for that run. It's okay, just be honest about it. I'm planning to have a run, but I really don't want to do it.

It's the same with anything else. The weather is never perfect for it. You'll never have enough money on your bank account to start your business. You'll never have enough content to launch your marketing. You'll never have a big enough email list to publish your online course. You'll never have enough traffic on your blog to create an email list. You'll never have enough expertise to start blogging about your chosen subject.

Yet so many people do all that. No matter what the weather is. Somehow that creates the perfect weather. Not because these people are magical, capable of doing things that are impossible for everyone else. They are not more hard working, they don't have the habits that will give them an advantage. They just keep going for a run, and it can't always be a bad weather.

They don't wait.

Waiting for the better weather -- Mervi Emilia

Many times you will fail. Many times you will stumble and fall. Many times you will notice that if you had done something earlier or later, it would have been a better timing. You only notice that afterwards, because you don't have a power of predictions. Nobody does.

Those who seem to always have the perfect weather are really the ones who ignore the bad weather. They fail too. They have stumbled and fell. Yet they don't concentrate on the failures. Only the wins matter for them.

I'm the kind of a person to wait for the perfect weather. I'm not above that. And I do notice the bad weather. I acknowledge this, a fault it the way I think. A thinking pattern, that holds me back.

Lately I've been working on ignoring the failures and concentrating on the wins. A win is, I finally published the sales page (with a huge discount) for my upcoming course. I have received awesome feedback for it too. Another win is, I'm working on a free audio training, writing the script for it. It will be a gift for my email subscribers, so get on the list to get it as soon as it's out. I'm not going to wait for more blog traffic or Pinterest pins or email subscribers to publish that audio. And totally a win is, the old clients are reaching to me, asking if I could help them out. When they come back, you know you've done something right.

I've also done tweaks on this site, feeling pretty good about them. Front page is full of little surprises. I simplified the main menu and added a completely CSS driven collapsing menu for extra links. I've changed how my article pages look and feel, and done other little things here and there. Another win, even though the collapsing menu was a child of procrastination. Because procrastination can lead to wins too.

I could wait. Wait for a bigger audience to sell that course or give out that audio training. Or hey, wait to get that audio training out, before selling the course. Or wait for more email subscribers to do any of it. Or wait to get more people to sign up for the course before building my email list. Wait for the better weather.

What are you waiting to change before doing what you want to do?

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