Twitter Tuesday: 3 great Twitter qualities

1974 Three Little Soldiers

There are many posts titled such as "5 bad Twitter habits" or "5 common business and marketing mistakes" and I decided to do something different this time. Here's a list of a couple of great qualities of someone actively using Twitter. I think three is a nice number, as it worked for the reasons for using Twitter too.

  1. Generosity - It's easy to be generous on Twitter. ReTweeting, @mentioning and @replying are the obvious (and working) choices. You can share your knowledge, give ideas and help out. To be truly generous you must give credit when credit is due, thank for ReTweets and @mentions and respond to @replies.
  2. Selflessness - Actually reading the Tweets by those you follow is the first and best way to be selfless on Twitter. It's easy if you choose carefully who to follow. Yes, reading all those Tweets probably takes time from writing them, but that's all good!
  3. Kindness - To sum it all up, general kindness is of course a great quality for a Twitter user. People, such as other Twitter users, have feelings. Being kind instead of attacking or mocking them is beautiful.

Photo by JD Hancock under Creative Commons license.

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