Success defined by 5 successful women

A while back I wrote how the definition of success can differ very much depending on who you ask. This made me think how people I think are successful might define it.

To find this out I asked a bunch of successful women to give a short definition of what success means for them. Some of the definitions were shorter, some longer. All equally as interesting, thus I didn't feel like cropping or editing them.

It was great fun to find out what Laura Simms, Vicky Lashenko, Mayi Carles, Jenny Shih and Monica Crowe think about success. Thank you ladies! Now I'd like you to share their thoughts with you as well.

Laura Simms

"Success can be quiet and humble. It's an inner satisfaction. Does your work matter to you? Do the people and creatures you love return your love? Can you be compassionate towards people you don't understand? I think we know successful people when we're in their presence because there's a sense of wholeness they can't help but radiate."

Laura helps purpose-driven people to find careers that feel like home.

Vicky Lashenko

"We often perceive success as something big - success is compiled of little successful tasks and projects - without them, there is no success. Like 99 cents isn't a dollar without the 1 cent."

Vicky is a visionary consultant to small businesses - empowering and educating owners on ways they can attract loyal customers and clients.

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Twitter: @VickyLashenko

Mayi Carles

"Success, for me, means pursuing your metaphorical star.

You see, I truly believe everyone has their own private star to catch + if they don’t at least make a serious attempt to grab it, something magical will be lost + all you will feel is emptiness.

People can choose to ignore it. They can choose to never seek it + convince themselves that they really never wanted it that bad. Well, they can try, but we all know that’s a load of lizard poo.

That's why success, in my heart, means seeking your wildest dreams + Mount Everests + shiny constellations in spite of being afraid… in spite of the noise… in spite of resistance."

Mayi is an artist, handmade creator and Pocket-size Biz Fairy for you.

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Twitter: @mayicarles

Jenny Shih

"I believe success is very personal, and we must all define it for ourselves. I also believe that our definition of success changes as we move throughout our lives, face new challenges, grow as individuals, and set new plans for the future.

One day success may look like making money. Another day it may look like getting the kids to school on time. And another day success might look like pitching another guest post after you've been turned down 10 times from other websites.

For me, during college, success was merely surviving 4 years without killing myself (literally). During my corporate days, success was learning to be the best manager I possibly could while also not working more than 40 hours a week. When I was training for a marathon, success was simply crossing the finish line.

Today, my success is about balancing my business and my life and taking care of my health challenges. It's serving my clients in the best way possible with the highest of integrity. It's looking at what I want to create and creating it. It's painting a picture of my future and setting myself to make it happen.

Tomorrow, it might be something different.

Success is about going after what you want even when you're afraid. It's about honoring yourself when you need to rest and pushing yourself when you know it's time to push. It's believing that what you want is possible and then going after it no matter what gets in your way."

Jenny is a coach and consultant for creative, solo entrepreneurs.

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Twitter: @jennyshih

Monica Crowe

"Our personal definition of success is an important question, although oftentimes not asked. If you don't know your personal definition of the word, then you'll never get there. You won't feel successful, and you'll always chase it – that elusive state of being.

My definition of success has changed over the years. It used to be the attainment of certain goals. But when you reach a goal, no matter how great, you're always looking to the next one. I've rarely given myself the opportunity to bask in the enjoyment of attainment, because I'm always pushing for more.

So now my personal definition of success is this: deciding how you want to live and then doing it.
I wanted to be an entrepreneur for more than a decade. I worked long hours, in windowless offices, under florescent lighting and craved working from a home office. I imagined bright daylight streaming in and a dog at my feet. I also wanted a flexible lifestyle, to do what I wanted, when I wanted.

Today, I'm the founder of Monica Crowe Media, an online marketing services company. I work from home, with sunlight and the sound of birdsong streaming in. And my ever loyal companion, a Boston Terrier named Lulu, lays at my feet. (She can't stand to not be with me.)

I take walks in the middle of the day to clear my head and stretch my legs. I have the choice to meet with friends, colleagues and clients during weekdays when and where I choose. And I earn a living knowing I've done my best to help my clients market their businesses, so they too can live the way they choose.

Regardless of my goals for the future, I feel happy that I'm living the way I wanted to for so long. By my personal definition, I'm a success. Here's to yours!"

Monica is an Internet marketing specialist, and content writer, who helps businesses get more leads and sales with content writing services and content marketing strategies.

Twitter: @monicacrowe

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