Straightening a crumbled watercolor painting

A watercolour painting of simplified orange tulips with green leaves and stems by Mervi Emilia Eskelinen

A tip for all of my fellow amateur aquarelle artists: If the paper gets all crumbled because of the wetness of watercolours, iron it straighter. Yes, with that iron you would use for your shirt. Try first on a less significant painting if unsure. You won't be likely to get the paper as straight as before applying the paint and water.

  • I'd recommend letting the paint to dry first. You may try otherwise for effects.
  • Iron on a hard surface, such as a table, instead of the ironing board.
  • Use low temperature. There's no need to burn the paper.
  • Don't use steam.
  • Iron the backside of the paper. Not the painted side, that is.
  • Lay some paper tissues under the painting since it may sweat.
  • Check the painting several times during the process.

Mervi Eskelinen

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