Stop doing so much research


Recently I've started to think about something new: I've realized I do too much research and do too little.

I get shaky publishing anything if I feel I don't have enough (that means really much) research to back my words up. I mean yeah, that sounds good, but I tend to end up into a situation where I block myself from doing my thing. See it's like I know stuff, but I feel I cannot say I know this stuff unless I have some sort of actual professional research to back it up right now.

I have been getting over this and I am getting less shaky the more I blog. But that nagging feeling of doing something "wrong" is still somewhere there in the back of my mind.

The Hobby Blogger had written about this same subject in April and I just found his words the other day. I truly felt his words. And then Wizard of Anz (aka Anssi) had written confessions of an online lurker. Surprisingly I found something familiar about his writing as well. Not all, but something.

The thing is that everyone always tells to do research. "Do research, check your data, be sure you are giving the correct information." Well, too much is too much. If you keep doing research all the time, you will never do anything but research. And that doesn't result to anything.

Sometimes it's best just forget everything everyone else has ever said and done and do your own thing. Research has it's place and time. And then there's place and time for doing.

Photo by Crunchy Footsteps under Creative Commons license.

Suomeksi (In Finnish): 

Viime aikoina olen alkanut ajatella jotakin uutta: Olen tajunnut, että teen liikaa taustatutkimusta ja teen liian vähän. Hermostun, jos minulla ei ole mielestäni riittävästi taustamatskua julkaisemieni sanojen tueksi. Tavallaan se kuulostaa hyvältä, mutta oikeastaan vain estän itseäni tekemästä omaa juttuani. Tämä ongelma vähenee sitä mukaa mitä enemmän bloggaan, mutta se ikävä fiilis on jossain taustalla aina. Liika on liikaa. Joskus on parasta vain unohtaa mitä muut ovat sanoneet tai tehneet ja tehdä vain sitä omaa juttuaan. Taustatutkimuksella on oma paikkansa ja aikansa. Ja tekemisellä on myös oma paikkansa ja aikansa.

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