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So much more than Visual Web -- the tasselflower blog

Web is so much more than just photos or videos. All this talk about Visual Web and how videos are the way to go is so sad. It's sad for it always seem like there's no room for anything but visual and videos. The beauty of web is in the fact that there are so many different ways to communicate with others and express yourself. You are not tied to one way, you don't have to do it with images or videos. You can and may, you can choose to go some other way.

When you want to be truly accessible thousand words will trump any photo or a video. There are those of us (not just me, many of us, trust me) who are not so much into videos. And there are those who detest too many photos. Besides videos and photos are slow to load and they can be difficult when surfing web with a smartphone or other smaller screen devices.

And you know what? You may love watching video tutorials or you may use Google Image search constantly. But not everyone else does. The ones who make videos are also the ones who love watching them they are more than willing to tell you to make videos too. Cause OMG that totally works and is the way to become successful and glitter everywhere and let's all be stars now!!! It just isn't everyone's thing. Some like to read things, to process the read in their own pace without having to witness some ADD-extrovert-crazy-person having a strange fit in the middle of the subject they are covering.

Unfortunately all this Visual Web thinking has resulted in Monotonic Web. Every site looks like the previous one and nobody has guts to do something else. Big photos which drown the subject. Popular blogs without any actual content but look at that skirt isn't it cute and hey my nails look rad. Everything must be flashy, colourful and loud.

I have nothing against images and videos. I think, or rather know, there's room for so much more than that.

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