Shared Spaces: Work less

This Shared Spaces is a bit different. Instead of straightforward take on marketing, web or business, I have found you a bunch of articles about creativity, being smarter and making better decisions. Work less, save the world.

Shared Spaces: Work less -- Mervi Emilia

It's not a race by Seth Godin
"Some things are races, but not many." Seth Godin, in his typical short way, talks about how most things in life are not races.

To be smart, work on problems you care about by Daniel Lemire
In this article, a computer science professor points out the best way to learn things. His idea is that you should be motivated with solving a problem rather than learning concepts for their own sake. Makes sense, doesn't it?

A Practical Manual for Making Better Decisions by Anna Johansson
Making better decisions, those that lead to good outcomes, you need to step away from the problem, give yourself some time, forget the idea of a correct answer and then some. These tips apply to both, business and life.

How to Raise a Creative Child. Step One: Back Off by Adam Grant
If you want to raise creative children, you need to give them less rules and more space. How about applying this to your employees or even yourself?

The solution to just about everything: working less by Rutger Bregman
Working more doesn't make the world better. Stress, climate change, inequality. They all can be solved by working less.

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