Shared Spaces: Virtually real

This week Shared Spaces looks into the current hot thing, virtual reality. VR is not a new thing. I have been a more or less avid user of an oldie version of VR, Second Life, for the past 7 years or so. While SL is getting left behind, everyone is dreaming about new virtual lives.

Shared Spaces: Virtually real -- Mervi Emilia

What Virtual Reality Is Good For by Will Oremus
Apparently using virtual reality applications for movies and gaming is wrong. Because life shouldn't be fun and games. This article gets very serious about what we should really do with VR.

What It's Like to Experience a Virtual Reality Orgy by Katherine Templar Lewis
Talking about what we should do with virtual reality. Sex, of course. In this article, the author tries a 12 minute virtual reality orgy film. And it isn't like watching a porn flick.

How Smartphones are Driving Virtual Reality by Eric Weiss
When you talk about virtual reality, I think about Oculus Rift. But this article says my thinking maybe off. It's really the smartphones that are taking VR to the masses.

Virtual reality’s future in journalism by Clifton B. Parker
Okay, okay. It's not all fun and games (and sex). How about journalism? How virtual reality can expand telling a journalistic story?

Pokémon Go Changes Everything (And Nothing) For Augmented Reality/Virtual Reality by Tim Merel
No, I couldn't do this without mentioning Pokémon Go. Ha! This article looks into what the thing that pulled augmented reality/virtual reality in mainstream in less than a week much earlier than anyone predicted.

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