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The /now page -- Mervi Emilia

Not that long ago, just in October, I saw people talking on Twitter about something called /now page. It's an idea, prompted by Derek Sivers, to add a simple /now page to your site. A movement of a sort. The idea of a /now page is to list what you are doing, what are your priorities and focuses right now. It works as a reminder and as a declaration for you.

I liked the idea from the beginning, and finally created my own /now page. It turned out to be a great exercise. What do I really do, what are my interests and what is, as well as what isn't, important to me. I will keep updating the /now page as my activities change, for example when I get a project done or begin a new one. I have already updated the page a couple of times, adding things I forgot before or just tweaking a way to say something. So it is very much a living and evolving thing.

Derek has also created to list sites with /now pages. Additionally Greg Albritton came up with an idea of creating featured profiles of everyone with a /now page. Some of those profiles are included in the list already. I've today answered the questions for the profile, thus it should be up soon.

See my /now page. Tell me in the comments, if you created one yourself!

UPDATE 11.11.2015: Yesterday Derek informed me that my profile is now viewable at

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