New year, same me: Predictions for 2018

There's something alluring about new beginnings. A new year isn't really anything magical. Yet it feels like something new, something different. Better, even. Starting anew.

Resolutions are made. More exercise. Eating healthier. The usual. I'm not into making resolutions, since they have a tendency to get derailed. By myself, or by the circumstances. Something comes up, and then I feel bad about not keeping up my silly ideas. Though I was thinking about something I could do better from now on. That is, not being so afraid of making a mess.

You know those blog posts, about how the writer wishes they would have known x amount things before they started a business or a blog or a newsletter? Or those online courses, of things this highly successful person had learned while running a business, which she wants to tell to you so you don't have to do the mistakes they did? I think those are a big problem. If that person hadn't failed, made all those mistakes, they wouldn't be where they are. And trying to take shortcuts, that's where you'll actually end up not succeeding ever.

As light needs darkness, success needs failure.

Failures are still difficult for me. Failing, making a fool of myself, typos on the stuff I post online, appearing silly, having a messy make-up... I get too easily ashamed when I noticed I made a mistake somehow. The part in me that wants to keep up appearances, like my grandmother did, is not happy with imperfection. That part of me needs to learn to relax. Thus I'm going to try, but not be upset if I won't succeed, to make more mess, fail more gloriously, not mind about the silly details. Messing up is part of life. There's no shame in it.

"Avoid shortcuts. As light needs darkness, success needs failure." Tweet this

This time, a new year, is also the time for predictions. Predictions, as anyone with a brain knows, are guesses. Some of them will hit the mark, others will fail gloriously, and then there are those that are self-fulfilling prophecies. It may seem afterwards like the person had a set of extremely potent tarot cards, but that't the way world goes.

With these notes, I'm doing a bunch of predictions. Predictions are messy, there's a big chance they won't hit the mark. Who knows what tomorrow brings. I was thinking of doing these over at Twitter as a thread. But I'm not a fan of threads, and too much stuff is posted on a limited amount of services and platforms. I have a blog, why not use it?

Rise of media literacy, unibrows, non-niche blogs, and other predictions for 2018. -- Mervi Emilia

Here are my predictions for 2018:

Less social media, more decentralised web. This year folks are going to understand social media is something that can be put on the side. Since the services are not interested in the people, but rather the money of the brands, people don't have to be interested in the services. Stuff that was previously posted on your accounts here and there will be now found at your own site, on your own terms, without pesky algorithms messing the order. No more missing blogs!

Unibrows, hairy legs, non-shaved armpits, and pubes. Get ready to get hairy, ladies. 2018 will make the bushy eyebrow trend look tame. You can throw away your tweezers, hide your epilator, and save the money you would spend on getting waxed and sugared.

Your site will go https. I have nothing more to say about this. It just will happen.

Websites with personality. Finally, after so many years with all the websites looking indistinguishable, things will get interesting. All those huge background images and parallax effects have been seen already. With CSS Grid and other technical improvements, there will be much more fun and unpredictable approaches to what your site should look like.

Lemons. You eat them, you put them on your skin. Lemons, everywhere.

More non-niche blogs. For a while us bloggers have been slowly broken into writing about very limited subjects. Mostly blogging. Business. Or motherhood, fashion, food. This time the world will see more bloggers getting into writing about whatever. Breaking the niche, learning by writing, and thinking out loud will be the way to go. That's the way the blogs used to be in olden times. Kinda retro. Webtro? Blogtro?

Less hustle. Recent years you've been told to hustle, work day and night, wake up earlier, keep on going. This year you will learn to relax. Hustle is for those who don't have life. You have television shows to catch up, movies to see, books to read, loved ones and friends to hang around with, games to play, videos to watch. Work is just work, it's not your whole life.

Paper mache. Don't ask me what's going on there.

Media literacy. That's theme of the year 2018. With all the misinformation, which has been affecting world politics and our safety in unbelievable ways, people are rightfully confused. Satire is read as real news, real news are called fake. Thus it's time to learn how to actually read the news and other content. (If you want to get into the basics right now, try reading a news article and answer these questions without defensiveness: Who gains from the content, what they want you to believe or do, what isn't being told and why?)

"Rise of media literacy, unibrows, non-niche blogs, and other predictions for 2018." Tweet this

Okay, I'm done here. I'll try and remember to revisit these in the end of the year or beginning of the next one. To see if I guessed something right, how many went completely wrong, and if something here became self-fulfilling somehow. I'm pretty sure about the hair stuff, and hopeful about the rise of media literacy and decentralised web.

Either way, if you wish to join me in making more mess this year, do frequent around this part of web and subscribe to my email list. Otherwise, I predict, you will miss something.

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