Get on blogging, chapter 8 – Blogs to check out

Get on blogging, chapter 8 – Blogs to check out -- Made In Helmikuu

Get on blogging is a series about blogging and becoming a blogger. This chapter will showcase some blogs to seek for inspiration, example and pass time.

Do you want to buy things because they are in pretty packages? Admittedly, I do quite often. Lovely Package is a blog filled with packages and package design and everything looks great.

Pure Vegetarian By Lakshmi is a food blog with gorgeous photos, lovely stories and of course delicious vegetarian recipes. Not for you if you are hungry already.

I've mentioned The Bloggess before. This blog fascinates me, because it goes against many "rules" of blogging. It's not a niche blog, the blog posts aren't published in a regular schedule and it's incredibly personal. The posts are funny though, but still. Good reference if you want to find out how to blog without being too serious.

If you like beautiful paintings (who doesn't???), see my friend Cristina's blog at Cristina Dalla Valentina Art. The paintings are for sale, so you can get your home pretty as well.

For a pure text based short blog posts, the kind we used to do back in early times of blogging, see Seth's Blog. You'll might also get some advice on blogging and business and stuff.

I Love Typography is for everyone who loves fonts. Besides posts about fonts there are also other typography related writings and photos.

Are you looking for small business advice or planning to start your own blog about the subject? Check out Almost Practical, not as well known as the "big ones", but good advice.

Kootut murut is a blog filled with interior design of a house that seems to be in a constant renovation. I guess a renovation work never ends. Sometimes there are amazing illustrations that make me so jealous and feel I cannot draw a stick figure right.

Another Finn who creates pretty illustrations? Where do they all come from? Oh yeah, Finland. My middlenamesake Anna Emilia blogs about books, summer, cities, forests and more with lots of photos.

For a friendly blog and some crafty things, see Stuff to Love by JCLN. Summer reading lists, DIYs and more.

Adorkable Undies doesn't update that much these days, but there's some pretty interesting stuff there. This is a blog of a sexuality educator, so I warn you, the undies are most of the time off!

In case Laksmi's vege recipes didn't make you drool already, see Marta's What Should I Eat For Breakfast Today. Scones, pancakes, sandwiches, fruits and introduction to some places where to eat in Berlin and Barcelona.

Saaristohuvila is a blog about building a home with lots of cats. It's in Finnish, but you can always look the photos if you don't understand our crazy and awesome language.

More can be found on my Weblove link listing. Yes, it still exists, it just didn't fit the menu (so, it's off the menu, he he).

From now on Get on blogging will be more irregular and may or may not be published next week. Will see what I'll come up with then!

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