Free printable and desktop wallpaper calendar, September 2013

Free printable and desktop wallpaper calendar, September 2013 -- the tasselflower blog

Now you can get the FREE calendar for September 2013! I wanted to do something autumn-y and what's more autumn than falling leaves?

The leafy quote was made known by Serenity (2005), written and directed by Joss Whedon. If you've watched the movie you'll remember these poetic words uttered by Wash and what happened right after: "I am a leaf on the wind - watch how I soar."

The calendar is black and white (and grey), as usual. The printable version is made for A4/Letter size, and is available as a PDF-file. Because it's b&w you won't need a color printer to print it.

Besides that there are desktop and laptop wallpaper calendars also listed below. Different versions are available for different screen sizes and resolutions. Hopefully one of them will fit yours!

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The printable calendar

Save and print the September 2013 calendar (pdf, about 1 MB, opens in new tab/window):

Click . Save . Print the Calendar for September 2013

The wallpaper calendars

Choose the appropriate resolution below. I tried to use the most common screen sizes. The links open in a new tab/window.

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