Free printable and desktop wallpaper calendar, June 2013

Free printable and desktop wallpaper calendar, June 2013 -- the tasselflower blog

Lately it's been unusually warm here in Finland for the time of the year. The weather, the scent of freshly cut grass and the buzzing bees have reminded me of the jazzy classic Summertime.

That's why the FREE calendar for June 2013 has a lazy, summery feeling. The quote is from the song mentioned above, and it goes like this: "Summertime,/And the livin' is easy/Fish are jumpin'/And the cotton is high"

The calendar is black and white (and grey). Therefore you won't need a color printer to print it. The printable version is made for A4/Letter sized paper, and is available as a PDF-file.

The desktop and laptop wallpaper calendars can be found listed below the print version. There are different versions for different screen sizes and resolutions. Hopefully one of them fits yours.

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Hey, what's your favorite summer song? Do tell!

The printable calendar

Save and print the June 2013 calendar (pdf, about 670 KB, opens in new tab/window):

Click . Save . Print the Calendar for June 2013

The wallpaper calendars

Choose the appropriate resolution below. I tried to use the most common screen sizes. These also open in a new tab/window.

tasselflower crafts, © 2013 Mervi Eskelinen. All rights reserved.

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