Day 5: Health (#BlogFlash2013)

Farmer's market, Jul 2009 - 11

There's an obsession for health.

If you aren't all the way healthy, you are somehow lesser person, weak and insignificant. If you are a picture of health, muscled with red cheeks, not too much weight, not too little and no history of mental problems, you are better and stronger than the rest of us.

In the wild sickness was a bad thing. If your legs didn't work, you couldn't run away from the predators. If you had an illness, you could pass it on to the rest of the pack and weaken them all.

Therefore the sick ones were bad. Therefore the sick ones were left behind.

Sometimes it feels like we are still in the wild.

Photo by Ed Yourdon under Creative Commons license.

This is part of #BlogFlash2013 challenge of 21 Days, 21 Prompts, 21 Posts.

#BlogFlash2013: 21 Days, 21 Prompts, 21 Posts

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