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Creative processes -- Mervi Emilia

My creative process usually includes lots of thinking and procrastinating. I create, especially at first, with my mind. I imagine the drawing or the blog post, or perhaps the website before anything. For example I "wrote" this article in my head before the actual writing process. In the same way I imagine my drawings before I actualise them. If I instead get straight to the creation, take the piece of paper and a pencil to draw, or sit down with my laptop, I end up staring at the empty paper or the screen mindlessly. When I am creating I also take breaks. I may step away from the writing or the drawing, in a way or another. Sometimes I just browse web, read blogs, check Facebook or Twitter, google something silly. Or I get into the procrastination phase and go for a run or, in the worst case, start to clean up. And then, after I've had my time off, I get back to what I was doing. I don't necessarily even make drafts and such, but I jump from the imagination to actualisation. It sounds like the most stupid thing to do, especially if you are the type who needs to see the draft before anything else. I see the draft in my mind.

There are those who like to give you a pattern for the best creative process. You know, the best practices on being creative and creating. That process, unfortunately, is not necessarily the best one for you. If you keep getting stuck with a certain type of a creative process, then you will know it is not for you. Think about it this way: You can be creative with your creative process. You don't have to follow the path of someone else. Not me, not the person you admire, not some expert.

Creative processes are varied. There's no better creative process than mine, there's no better creative process than yours. Finding your creative process is part of the success. I have found mine, it's messy and it feels good.

How does your creative process go? Do tell!

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