A click inducing perfectly worded right length title

A click inducing perfectly worded right length title -- Made In Helmikuu

It's not only because of the web. Partially, but not completely. It's also because of the tabloids and other trashy "journalism". Additionally it's because everyone is so darned busy. Apparently most don't really read the content which they are sharing and engaging. All of this has created an obsession for the titles.

The title is to be just the right length and filled with keywords.

The title must be short and it must be long.

The title cannot have a question mark because a headline which has a question mark in the end of it can be responded with no (though that's a stupid rule, because you cannot answer with a no to all questions).

The title has to sell the content, but it shouldn't oversell it.

The title needs to create clicks and shares, but it must make everyone to read the content and not only click and share.

I don't even remember all of the best practices and rules and instructions. Many of them are contradicting each other. Because most bloggers are following this well meaning advice word by word the blog post titles are becoming blurry, repeating and copies of each other. Is that good then?

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