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I started to use bookmarking service Delicious around four years ago. Since then I've collected about 760 bookmarks (not including the hefty amount of links I've already deleted during the years). First it was rumored that Delicious is being closed, but then the story changed and it looks like Yahoo! is trying to sell Delicious. Whatever is happening, it doesn't look good.

So Delicious users here and there are looking for alternatives. Most recommended ones seem to be paid service Pinboard and free for basic usage Diigo. I'm not looking for a paid service right now, so Pinboard is out of picture. I've been thinking about Google Bookmarks, which however seems a bit bulky and somewhat diigoish Evernote. I have a StumbleUpon account, which I haven't used that much. StumbleUpon is not exactly a bookmarking service per se, at least not the type I'm looking for. I also occasionally use Instapaper, which most definitely is not a bookmarking service.

At this point I decided to try Diigo. It allows users to import Delicious bookmarks (as do Pinboard, Google Bookmarks and Evernote). My import is going on right now. According to Diigo itself, since lots of others are importing their bookmarks too, it may take a while. Diigo seems a bit too much though. It has lots of features I don't require and is very very social. Not that I'm against social, I just could do with less in this case. The free account on Diigo has some limitations, though I'm not yet sure if they really affect my bookmarking needs.

Other ideas at this point include starting to post my bookmarks to Tumblr (which doesn't have an easy way to import all the bookmarks without tinkering with the API) or another similar blogging service. I could also build my own bookmarking system on Helmikuu, either from scratch with PHP and MySQL (and maybe a bit of JavaScript) or toying with Drupal. Drupal even has a node import module, but it uses CSV or TSV files, whereas Delicious exports in HTML file. So that would require some extra work (or some nifty piece of PHP).

On the other hand starting from scratch might not be such a bad idea. My Delicious bookmarks include lots of broken links and way too many tags. Tagging is not my thing and giving the bookmarks a good clean up takes time and patience.

Remembering that Delicious is still up and running and may stay up and running this might be overreacting. I do have a need for an easy bookmarking service in near future and I might not be ready to lose all my old bookmarks either, even if the idea of starting it all over sounds tempting. Rather than just waiting to see what happens and where everyone else go with their bookmarks, I'm having a little tryout or a couple. I'll let you know how things went.

UPDATE: It's been about 24 hours since I started the import and Diigo now gives a typorrific notice: "Your import reqeust is in the queue. Thank you for your patience!"

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