Ave Maria

On the radio a man was telling about his Christmas Eve plans. Beer and Facebook. And on sunday he’ll clean off the silly drunk messages. Then the song he wished for was put on. Ave Maria.

When Facebook finally got the Timeline out and about, Finns started to report how their private messages were leaking to public. They weren’t, but that’s what they thought.

Back in time wall was being used for conversations, more or less personal. Perhaps some of us didn't know they were visible to all their friends. Seeing these conversations on their Timelines made some of the users sure Facebook was broken. Not this time.

What in the earth these people are posting on Facebook? What sort of conversations they had on their walls which made them to feel so exposed as they got highlighted now?

It’s the old news that pretty much everything you post online will be somewhere there available through times to come. Servers everywhere are filled with stuff saved and archived since you first stumbled upon the Net.

Something most don't remember is the human involvement: The recipient may store your emails. Your so called friends can copy your private messages and spread them around. And so forth. Gossiping, as unpleasant it is, is just human.

I'm not writing this to stir any further panic (since people seem to fall into hysteria so easily). I just want to remind you of something:

After you press send, submit, post, save or what ever that button says, it's out of your hands. No regrets.

Suomeksi (In Finnish): 

Timelinegaten myötä on hyvä muistuttaa, että mitä postaatkin nettiin on jossain siellä tallessa hamaan tulevaisuuteen. Sitäpaitsi kuka tahansa, joka pääsee lukemaan sen privaattiviestisi voi ottaa ja levittää sitä eteen päin. Voi, vaikka ei saisikaan. Niin ikävää kuin se onkin, juoruilu on inhimillistä. Muistathan siis: Kun olet painanut lähetä-namiskaa, viestisi on jo käytännössä karannut käsistäsi. Katumus on myöhäistä.

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