Shared Spaces: Work it out

Feb 01, 2017 · 2 min read

Another week, another Shared Spaces. This time we go neck deep into the world of working. These articles include statistics about how by working less you are more likely to earn more, why you should quit if the business is always a struggle, and which skills may save your job in the automated future. All links open in the same window, as they should.

Shared Spaces: Work it out -- Mervi Emilia

If you want to earn more, work less by Mark Johanson
Did you know that people who work less are more likely to get a raise than those who overwork? Working less is better for your health, but it's also better for your income. Read this article on why and how.

The Basecamp Way To Work: Workshop Retrospective by Shawn Blanc
Basecamp is often regarded as a model company of many things. Shawn took Basecamp Way to Work workshop and reported back how it went.

Why I quit trying to make it work. by Laura Roeder
Are you battling and constantly hustling to make progress with your business? "When I find myself struggling to “make it work” in spite of everything, that’s usually a red flag — a sign that I’m on the wrong path entirely." There are good challenges and bad challenges. If everything feels like bad challenge, it's time to quit.

No Job Is Safe, But These Skills Will Always Be Valued in the Workplace by Alison E. Berman
Jobs are disappearing, largely due to automation. So how can you keep a job in a not-so-distant future? Here are some skills that might save your career. Maybe.

Why I Only Work Remotely by Yan Lhert
Yan describes himself as an "ambitious, driven individual" who wants to provide workplaces his "best possible output". And now his doing it remotely. Here's why he is doing it, including reasons like work hours and open offices. What do you think?

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