50+ Instagram hashtags for more likes, comments and followers

Nov 06, 2016 · 2 min read

You can do many things to gain more likes, comments and followers on Instagram. You can indulge in follow-unfollow-scams, which isn't quite smart and may get you reported and blocked as a spammer. You can try liking for likes, but it's not very effective. You can try leaving comments to other people's posts, but forget about leaving generic and thoughtless ones. I have a simple recipe for more comments, but on top of that I utilise lots of hashtags. Hashtags, in the end, are the best way to get your posts in front of other Instagram users, which then leads to more likes, comments and followers.

There's a handful of things to know about hashtags on Instagram. The first thing is, Instagram limits the amount of hashtags you can use for one photo or video. The limit is 30 hashtags. The second thing is, you can only tag your own posts. Adding hashtags in comments of other people's posts is pretty useless. The third thing is, you cannot prevent or block people from using "your" hashtags. In the comments for my post last year, about getting rid of spam on Instagram, someone asked about how to prevent other people using their hashtag. That's not possible. Hashtags are free for use for everyone. You don't own a hashtag. And spamming hashtags with irrelevant posts is obviously a bad idea.

Finding great hashtags is lots of work. I have tested many, and found a bunch of good ones. As usual, I urge you to do your own experimenting. Different hashtags may work better or worse for you. Also, in time, some hashtags get more popular than others, as well as more spam infested. The key is not to use only popular hashtags. Popular hashtags are used for loads of posts, which means your posts get more easily unnoticed in the hashtag pools. The following hashtag lists are created for getting started with tagging your photos for better visibility and engagement on Instagram.

Instagram hashtags for more likes, comments and followers -- Mervi Emilia

For selfies


For journaling


For lifestyle


For creative entrepreneurs, artists, and bloggers


For pretty stuff


And there's more

Plus don't forget the hashtag emojis. Oh, yeah. Emojis can also be used as hashtags or as part of them. And hey, create your own hashtags. Mine is #iambeingpresent. Join me if you dare! (There might be a challenge coming up.)

Do you know any hashtags to add to the lists?


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