Shared Spaces: Customer is wrong

Jun 08, 2016 · 2 min read

This week Shared Spaces takes a leap to the side of business and work. The articles in this collection tackle with customer service issues, reasons for business decisions, future of work and life of women with different incomes. The work is changing, can you change with it?

Shared Spaces: Customer is wrong -- Mervi Emilia

The Customer Isn't Always Right - Here’s Why by Vivek Patel
The old phrase, "the customer is always right", is wrong. It creates only disgruntled employees, it gives rude customers an unfair advantage over the other customers and some customers are just bad for your business (been there). Read this article for detailed explanations.

It's the strategy, stupid! by Kalle Tuomi
Are your business decisions made "just because", or is there a reason for them? While this article, very shortly, talks about digital services and not creating one for its own sake, it applies to the other parts of your business too.

In The Future We'll All Have Multiple Jobs by Lydia Dishman
Find your niche! Or, better yet, don't. In the (near) future it's better to wear many hats than to be pro at one thing.

Corporations Don’t Want Employees by Daniel Miessler
The biggest expenses for most corporations are the people working for them. They haven't solved the problem of human employment, but they are searching for reasons to fire pretty much everyone.

4 Women with 4 Very Different Incomes Open Up About the Lives They Can Afford by James Thilman
What kinds of lives women with incomes varying from "just above the poverty line" to one million US Dollars a year? Find out how four different women with four different incomes see their current situation, future, life and work.


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