Don't click!

May 16, 2016 · 2 min read

It was an ad. I looked at it, got interested and wanted to click. But something held me back.

Don't click! -- Mervi Emilia

What held me back wasn't the fear of being tracked, I'm not that silly. I know I'm already being tracked everywhere I go online. I just didn't want to give in and click an ad. If I did they would win. Whoever "they" are. Someone would profit from my click and someone profiting is horrible, terrible, awful, wrong. In some strange way it is away from me. Doesn't matter if I don't lose anything, my money, my health. I am being robbed.

Similarly I resist when I see self promotion on Twitter or Facebook. When someone shares their own blog posts, or links to their shops and products and services. I feel bad about sharing my own stuff too. Sort of dirty, exposed, needy. Pretty please, read my blog. Pretty please, buy my art. Pretty please, I'd like to be able to pay the rent. I want to apologise for being so pushy, for needing the exposure, and needing the sales and clients. Sorry, so sorry I caused the trouble, please ignore. Please don't hate me.

It's like we have been conditioned to be afraid of ads and other promotion. You get almost frightened on a sight or sound of an advertisement. You keep whining about online ads, even the subtle and sparse ones. You claim it's all because of ads are eating your bandwidth and slowing your device down. A justified issue. But you also hate the promotions which really don't do that. One ad, and you are screaming. You want it all for free, without advertisement, without becoming a victim of promotion, someone trying to sell you something. One ad and you feel you have been violated. How dare they!

It goes further than ads. Falling for a clickbait is embarrassing. What a mistake, all those seconds you lost. I see people screaming to others on Twitter and Facebook, blaming them for writing and sharing clickbaits when they just disagree with the content. Call it a clickbait and nobody will click for the fear of being embarrassed. It must be something bad. It must be something to be afraid of.

It is now a case of losing your face. Being the stupid one, who didn't realise this was a clickbait, or an ad, or self promotion, or whatever. Only stupid people click ads. Best not to click.


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