Week in review: Blocking and spamming

Jun 01, 2015 · 2 min read

Week in review: Blocking and spamming

Where did that May go? It kind of vanished, didn't it? I ran a lot, so maybe I managed to outrun the whole month. It's supposed to be summer now, but the weather is rather cold.

Blogger highlight went for a break as I'm looking for new participants for the series. To those who haven't been paying attention, Blogger highlight is a series which interviews and introduces different kinds of bloggers all around the world. The bloggers answer a selection of questions about blogging and what it means to them. The series has been well received and the posts are getting lots of views. Instead of a highlight I wrote another installation for the new series called What is.... This time I tackled the subject of referrer spam.

Spam is a continuous problem and one of the most searched and found articles around here is How to get rid of spam on Instagram. No wonder, the more I post on Instagram, the more spam I receive. Gladly I know how to report and block the spammers.

I'm not fond of ad blocking. I get it that ads can really annoy and some sites are riddled with them. However running a website is not free and necessarily even cheap. In addition to all the time website owners and contributors use in applying the content, there are all sorts of other costs, including the salaries, server and domain costs and of course the price of design and development. Ad Blocks’ Doomsday Scenarios gives pretty dark insights to how many website viewers use ad blocking and what sort of issue it is for websites. Nothing is free.

Do you need a new online portfolio? How Design published a little post about portfolio design trends and website ideas. Nice and simple ideas for your portfolio, in case you are drawing a blank on where to go with it.

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