Week in review: Writing, talking, drawing

May 12, 2015 · 2 min read

Week in review: Writing, talking, drawing -- Made In Helmikuu

Yesterday I had other stuff to do, so I pushed the review for today. I'm sure you will survive this horrible change. My tiny Wacom Bamboo has been on the shelf because its pen got broken. Technically the pen still works, but its surface has turned sticky and feels unpleasant in hand. Since I was already visiting a tech store I bought a new pen. Now I can get back to drawing with it. Above you can see a little quick thing I draw for you.

Blogger highlight series is going great. This week will mark the fifth highlight already and thus far these have been gaining lots of interest. Last week Vera of Nicest Things answered my questions. Vera is a food and interior stylist and photographer and her blog is gorgeous. Even if you don't understand German, you can understand the beauty of her photos.

On Twitter I stumbled upon a post about subject that I've been wondering myself: Does Anyone Use Social Sharing Buttons on Mobile? This post deals with the fact that most of mobile users never use social sharing buttons on mobile websites. Maybe having them on a mobile site is useless. But then again, if you have a purely responsive site, just hiding the buttons is a bit useless. Since the button scripts and images will still be loaded and are slowing your site down, the buttons could as well be visible too.

I also read an article about how the brain separates our ability to talk and write. Our ability to talk and write are such separate systems that you can be capable of saying out loud a grammatically correct sentence and still cannot write the same thing flawlessly. This also must be why people often "sound" so different in writing, compared to the way they sound when they actually talk. I often talk about an exercise where you try and write exactly the way you would talk. It's a pretty good way to practice and find your "writing voice".

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