Week in review: Progress

May 25, 2015 · 2 min read

Week in review: Progress -- Made In helmikuu

Firstly, the first part of this year was mainly unfruitfully busy, but now I'm free again. This means I'm available for new projects and booking clients for the summer and next fall. Read more and contact me now. I do need a new phone.

As I mentioned last week, because of my newly found freedom I've been running more. It is so nice to see a little progress each time, going faster and easier. Running and not having to stress about things I cannot control also makes me feel better in general, and gets my creativity on fly.

Last week Blogger highlight featured Jacolien (JCLN), who blogs DIY kind of stuff. Jacolien also has an Etsy shop of knit and crocheted little things. New highlights are welcome and please do give your suggestions for bloggers to interview for the series.

I sometimes talk about digital accessibility here on the blog and if this important subject is new to you I recommend getting basic knowledge about it. It concerns every website and app ever made. This short animated video gives a quick introduction in digital accessibility. I recommend checking it out if you run or own any sort of a website. Speaking of having a website, when you are looking for someone to design you one, you are likely to be in a world of confusion. Custom WordPress Theme Design vs. Theme Customizations talks about the difference between having a completely custom WP site or having someone to customise a premade theme for you. Do you want a unique website?

We've now seen Mad Max twice and I remember recommending Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt television series to you a while ago. So of course someone created a video The Unbreakable Furiosa, mashing up the Kimmy Schmidt theme song and some scenes from Mad Max. Females are strong as hell.

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