Week in review: Below the fold

May 04, 2015 · 2 min read

Week in review: Below the fold -- Made In Helmikuu

The other day I dusted my old ADN (app.net) account and found out it's surprisingly active community at the moment. Small, but active. Very techy and, seems to me, mainly male. Nevertheless, the thing I noticed was how differently I was communicating there than on Twitter. In a similar way as you and I behave differently around different people, we also approach all these different platforms in different ways. It's not necessarily, nor mostly, intentional. I've met people who claim they are always the same, no matter with who they are, but they just don't notice themselves the sometimes very subtle changes in their behaviour.

Last week's Blogger highlight introduced you with Neena Nandagopal.The interviews are gaining a nice amount of interest, so it's all looking good. I also published the May 2015 calendar, which this time includes by the side of the printable calendars a bundle of wallpapers for bunch of screen sizes.

As I wrote to my email list, I've noticed that series are a great way to keep a blog or other web content creation efforts alive. Prompted by this thought I launched another new series, which gives short overviews in web (and, more widely, Internet) related terminology and phenomenons. The first installation of this series is What is... SEO and it dives into the main idea of Search Engine Optimisation.

You know that usual song about placing important content above the fold. I've always detested this because there are different screen sizes and frankly most people can scroll. Lately I've been testing a new website analytics service called Hotjar and through the visitor recordings I've seen how scroll-happy website users are. There Is No Fold is a great article about how the idea of placing ads, calls of action and other similar content above "the fold" is a stupid thing to do. Fold is only in your mind, it doesn't really exist for your real life website visitors.

In my home comics were always viewed as lesser kind of storytelling, something for children and inferior to books. It's kind of sad since I've missed lots of great stuff because of it. I'm fixing this now and last week I begun to read the new Matt Fraction and David Aja's Hawkeye series. I'll never probably be a real comic book nerd, but that's not stopping me.

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