Blogger highlight: Jacolien (JCLN)

May 21, 2015 · 3 min read

Blogger highlight: Jacolien (JCLN)

Jacolien (JCLN) -- Made In Helmikuu Today Blogger highlight is Jacolien of JCLN, who blogs in both English and Dutch. Jacolien has had her current blog since June 2010, and blogs once a week about DIY, tutorials, inspiration, recipes and her own life. During 2012 to 2013 she also did a 365 day project, where she would "snap and share a picture everyday". Additionally Jacolien shares on her blog fun things she has found on pinterest and Etsy. Before launching JCLN she had a personal blog, which got her going. After a while she wanted to share more creative stuff, books and things about her life. "That's when I started the blog Stuff to Love, which has now evolved into JCLN", Jacolien notes.

Why do you blog?
"This is something I only recently found the real answer to. Before that I'd always say I blogged to share my creativity and fun things with the world. Later I added that I'd like to inspire people with my creativity and that I wanted to show people that it's not that hard to make things yourself. But what I found out a few months ago, is that I blog to challenge myself. To keep doing and making new things and visit places or events. Blogging brings color into my life."

For whom do you blog?
"In the first place I do it for myself. Like I said before: it challenges me and makes my life so much fun. But it's also great to have readers who enjoy my blog. Those readers are mostly creative women who are looking for inspiration, nice DIY's and who like to take a look into the life of a creative blogger."

How and where do you find subjects and inspiration for blog posts?
"Sometimes ideas just come flying in. When I'm shopping or just walking in the city. But many times it doesn't and it requires a brainstorm session. I search through my favorite blogs and Pinterest to see what's out there and what I could do with it. I never copy someone elses idea, but it can spark an idea of something I can use it for."

What has been your biggest challenge with blogging?
"Since I started studying the biggest challenge is getting blog posts ready around my exam week and the 2 weeks before that. But overall typing out blog posts and really giving it my own voice has been hardest. That's why I schedule brainstorm sessions every 3 months and plan the post topics ahead. That way I know what is coming up and I can work towards it. Also being understood has been/is a challenge. My family doesn't really get why I blog and why I spend so much time on it. Try to find other bloggers to talk to, share your experience and help each other grow."

What has been your greatest success with blogging?
"That depends what you call a success... :)

Every reader that comes to my site is a joy to me. Every comment makes my heart dance. I love it when people share my ideas with their followers and friends. The best decision I made was probably to participate in an online blogging course. This really helped me to see what I wanted with my blog, what the blog is about and how to build my blog and it's following. (For those of you interested, it was the course 'Creative Blogging for Creative Businesses' by April Bowles-Olin.)"

Jacolien's blogging tips:
"Oh, I have soooo many tips. But the most important one is to blog about your passion, about the things you like. That way blogging won't be such a burden. And another thing that has really helped me is to schedule the topics of the upcoming blog posts and brainstorm a list of new topics once in a while."

Jacolien's greetings for You:
"Blogging is something that goes with ups and downs. Keep faith in what you do and don't give up to easily. Keep looking around you and trying new things.

Thanks for reading about my blogging experience so far. I just reached my 500th blog post and I'm about to celebrate the 5 year aniversary of my blog, which will be a great festivity. I hope to see you at JCLN!"

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Jacolien's photo © Jacolien


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