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Apr 16, 2015 · 2 min read

Blogger highlight: Brenda Lee -- Made In Helmikuu

Brenda Lee -- Made In HelmikuuThe first Blogger highlight is Brenda Lee, who writes My Girly Parts about health and beauty, men, infidelity, love, relationships, marriage, dating and women's hormonal issues. She has launched the blog in 2012 and blogs 2 to 3 times a week. Her other topics include home, social media, pets and blogging. Besides My Girly Parts, Brenda also has another blog Romantic Shorts, and contributes on both Not Now Mom's Busy and Inspire To Thrive. These blogs she writes monthly basis. Bren described my questions fabulous and her responses where at least equally as fabulous.

Why do you blog?
"I write because I have a voice that wants to be heard. I find by sharing personal experiences with others, it can help them learn that they aren't alone or help them find peace."

For whom do you blog?
"I blog for me and my readers."

How and where do you find subjects and inspiration for blog posts?
"I find inspiration in every day life, including my own. I also read Flipboard daily to get more topics of interest."

What has been your biggest challenge with blogging?
"My biggest challenge has always been finding the time to get it typed up and published. I work full-time and have a demanding family life so blogging and writing takes second fiddle."

What has been your greatest success with blogging?
"I would have to say my greatest success has been building a Community with my blog. We have a wonderful network of women (and some men) that are there to support one another. This was the main goal of creating My Girly Parts."

Brenda's blogging tips:
"Don't think blogging is easy. It is very demanding and something that should not be gone into lightly."

Brenda's greetings for You:
"I would like to say that anyone who has a voice and wants to be heard, blogging can be a great tool. Blogging isn't about the number of blog comments, it's about networking with like-minded individuals across social media and in real-time."

Blogger highlight series interviews and introduces different kinds of bloggers all around the world. The bloggers answer a selection of questions about blogging and what it means to them.

Brenda's photo © Brenda Lee


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