Week in review: Stress over a dress

Mar 02, 2015 · 3 min read

Week in review: Stress over a dress -- Made In Helmikuu

Another week has passed and it had its ups and downs. For my email list I opened up about getting stressed because of being too selfless. I received multiple responses from those who are like myself. It even gave an idea of a group for the selfless to become more selfish.

Monday we saw Kingsman: The Secret Service (2014) which is so much fun and we are planning to go for another round with it. I've liked Matthew Vaughn's work before too, Layer Cake for example. For the script of Kingsman he teamed once again up with Jane Goldman and it all really works. Some people have gotten upset about the ending of the movie and complained about it being sexist. It's a parody. It is ending from those old Bond movies taken further and getting upset about it is silly. I've got to mention that Colin Firth turns out to be an excellent action star and I'm gonna keep an eye on that promising new boy Taron Egerton.

March is already here and I published the March printable calendar. Check it out. I also blogged about how you can speed up your website. Other than that week was a bit quiet for my social media efforts. Most of the week went with tweaking bunch of WordPress and Drupal sites, setting up new ones and fixing old ones. For myself and mostly my clients, that is.

By the end of the week we all were entangled with that blasted dress and its colours. In the photo it was obviously lavender blue with brown lace, but apparently it's a blue and black dress. Browny black, I guess. The whole case of the dress is however really interesting. Wired took a look at the science behind the colour perception. It's also interesting how fast the dress spread around Twitter and then also Facebook and how long people were (and still are) talking about. It was surprising and intriguing.

We also went to see Alien (1979) on a big screen and since I had seen it a couple of times already I now paid mostly attention on how beautifully the movie is constructed. It distracts and it deceives. What you can't see is the scariest. Alien is structurally fantastic and if you want to tell stories you gotta see it, preferably multiple times.

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