Week in review: Free things

Mar 17, 2015 · 2 min read

Week in review: Free things -- Made In Helmikuu

Due to this condition I have called being human this Week in Review comes a day late. Oh the horrors! Next week I'll hopefully have some photos of herbs growing, since now I've got the seeds needed for that. Let's not get ahead ourselves. It's time to do a quick round up of previous week.

Firstly I have some exiting news: Web Resources Library is now open You can gain access through filling the very simple form below this post or on it's own page. The library features at the moment very pretty website backgrounds and I will throw in other resources very soon. These will include an unique premium WordPress theme, website buttons and other very cool stuff you cannot get anywhere else. The list members will be notified of the new stuff. You will also get weekly emails of exclusive notes about web, design, marketing, social media and freelancing. Did I mention it's FREE?

Last week Russian president Vladimir Putin vanished from public eye for a while. There were tons of rumours about it, including that he was dead, severely ill, had had a child with his lover and so forth. Some speculated about a coup. The interesting thing is that this whole vanishing act diverted people from paying attention to the recent assassination of Boris Nemtsov. Quite a publicity stunt, I'd say.

I've recently started to share my favourite blogs on the Made In Helmikuu Facebook page. Do like, if you'd like to hear about interesting blogs. Maybe yours will be featured as well.

Hey, do watch Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt on Netflix. It's a funny comedy with a great theme of resilience and survival. I keep having the brilliant theme song stuck in my head, even though we ran out of episodes almost a week ago. "But females are strong as hell!" Truly recommended!

Last week I wrote about approaching website creation from content to structure to design. Design therefore is the last thing to worry about when you are creating a website. I have seen many especially highly commercial, design and advertising company driven website projects which lean on the design and everything else comes the last. This is the wrong approach and needs to be fixed, so that the websites become more useful, work better and will have improved search engine visibility.

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