Week in review: Doodles

Mar 30, 2015 · 2 min read

Week in review: Doodles -- Made In Helmikuu

The week was gloomy. As if that Germanwings plane going down wasn't terrible tragedy enough, it then turned out to being intentional. The co-pilot took the plane down, without any explanation of why he did it. It made even me think if there's something wrong with the medical care of airplane pilots. I wondered if the depressed, suicidal man should have somehow been picked out and not let to fly. Then again I should know better. Matt Haig writes about the stigma of depression. How most of us depressed people are functioning depressives and being depressed doesn't make us a danger to society. Thinking that depression is something to hide and depressed people to be moved away from the "normals" is the problem.

Speaking of mental stuff, I shared this idea of preparing to the worst and the best to calm anxiety on the Facebook page. I always prepare for the worst only which does make me anxious, so perhaps I'd need to try also to prepare for the best. By the way, I think that article has a slightly mixed approach to the subject. I wonder if the writer didn't understand how anxiety works.

During last week I blogged about characteristics of highly shareable blog articles. Check it out if you'd like your posts to gain more shares around social media platforms. Additionally I gave a couple of examples of how you can use plain CSS3 to create circles and rounded corners on your website. No need to use images which will only slow your site down.

I'd also like to mention Inherent Vice (2014), the movie we saw on Friday. It's a story about a drugged-up private investigator who gets involved in a mess of disappearances, drug smuggling and murders. I was told beforehand the movie doesn't have much of a plot, but I think I saw a different movie than those who said that. I mean, the plot is vague and hidden behind hallucinations and weird stuff. Events you cannot be sure if they "really" happened or if our protagonist only imagined them. The investigator is portrayed by Joaquin Phoenix, who is so good. So good.

Good news if you are on my email list! I have added a couple of new resources to the gift library. One is an unique doodled button kit, with which you can create your own website buttons and the other is a high quality water themed photo pack. More is due in time. I also doodled a new header for this site as well as the social media profiles. What do you think?


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